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Latest COVID Restriction Update from WCBA

HI All, this information below supercedes the previous information that was posted

Good morning everyone,

We have had a number of queries regarding siblings being authorised to attend our games this

Saturday and we have made the enquiry as to whether or not we can allow this.

Basketball Victoria p have made it very clear that there is a NO SPECTATOR RULE regardless of personal circumstances.

This was one of the sacrifices that had to be made when government approved community sports to continue during this pandemic.

As we all feel the same way about this unfortunate circumstance we are all in, this is the only reason the players are all back on the courts this weekend.

So just to reiterate the NO SPECTATOR RULE..

Only 1 parent, guardian or carer can attend for child protection purposes only.

Only exclusion is a child under the ages of 12 months!

As for the question regarding if families have more than 1 child playing at the same venue…

You must make other arrangements for someone else to be able to care for them as they leave and enter the stadium when games are finishing or commencing.

Our covid Marshalls have been made aware of the utmost importance for refusal of entry if more than 1 person per player that is scheduled to play are to enter the venue.

They will also be checking when games commence that the numbers of people in the stadiums during games match up with the 1 person per player rule!

As frustrating as all of this may feel to everyone, we need to look at the positive side and that is..

The kids can finally finish the season and we wouldn’t want to affect this by these certain sacrifices we need to make.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow and let’s be positive and encourage the players to do their best but most importantly… HAVE FUN!


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