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July 24, 2019

Hey all,

Attached is the Basketball Victorias statement in regards to photography at games.

February 23, 2019

All parents, coaches and players, please take note of the below updates from the association:

Parents, if you bring siblings to your child’s game it is the parents responsibility to make sure that they behave and are not running around the court or foyer of the venue. Any siblings/players caught doing the wrong thing will he asked to leave, as will the parents.

Only coaches or team managers can take a ball in to a venue. Maximum two balls per team.

All spectators over the age of 12 and all pl...

February 6, 2019

When applying for a WWC check, please use the following details:


Postal number and street: P.O. BOX 1067


State: VIC

Postcode: 3064

Phone: (03) 8733 9090

You are only required to apply for a volunteer WWC check, and not an employee WWC check.

We will be enforcing this by law brought to us by the WCBA.

  • All clubs/teams participating in the Whittlesea City Basketball Association Junior Domestic Competition must ensure that all coaches...

January 29, 2019

Hey all,

Could all coaches, parents and players take the time to open this attachment and understand these rule changes that will be enforced from this weekend onwards. Referees will be ensuring clear communication with coaches when enforcing these new rules. 

Also, coaches need to be aware that the behavioural tech fouls will implemented and enforced, for example players or coaches throwing their arms in the air in disagreement with a referees calls.


September 18, 2018

Please note that smoking is not permitted on any school grounds and this includes on Saturdays. If you must smoke please ensure that you do it off the school grounds, anyone caught smoking on school grounds will be asked to leave and not allowed to come back in to watch their child play. 

Also food and drink cannot be brought into the stadium people eating inside the stadium will be asked to go into the foyer.

Also please take the time to clean up after yourselves and put all rubbish into pr...

September 17, 2018

From the 6th of October, we will be enforcing this new by law brought to us by the WCBA. The club will be in touch with all coaches in regard to providing you with a lanyard.


  • All clubs/teams participating in the Whittlesea City Basketball Association Junior Domestic Competition must ensure that all coaches, team managers, Committee and Board members have a current Working With Children Check. All Junior Domestic coaches must wear their WWC Check on a lanyard at all times whilst coaching. Police/...

August 16, 2018

Could all coaches please ensure they are carrying BOTH their WWC pass and their Coaches Pass (when received) with the at all times on game day as the JDC representatives will be doing spot checks. Your coaches passes are also NOT to be given to anyone else at anytime.

If coaches require someone to fill in for them they must notify the club in advance as we must have a copy of their WWC before they can help out.

Finally if a team is in need of fill in players please check with Margaret to make sure...

August 2, 2018

Could all coaches and teams ensure they provide a competent scorer each week that is familiar with the rules.  Failure to provide a scorer can result in the opposition team being awarded 4points if requested, the referee must award these points if asked but no later than the final 3 minutes of the game.

Scorers are only to tick in present players at the commencement of the game and up until half time.  Should any player that is ticked in not arrive for either team it is the scorer's responsibilit...

August 2, 2018

Associations and Leagues should usually allow
parents and close Relatives to take photographs and video tape games provided the parent or relative is provided is known to the Association. Permission to photograph is required. The coach or team manager of both teams should be notified of the intention to photograph or video the game.
A legitimate and strong reason must be given for
refusal of the photographing or videoing.

So please be mindful of others and their circumstances ALWAYS check with...

July 27, 2018

All coaches over the age of 18 yrs please ensure you have your current Working With Children Check with you and readily available on game day.

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